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Charity Bradford - Speculative Fiction Writer

Today I'm thrilled to be hosting Speculative Fiction Writer, Charity Bradford. She's currently on her two-week The Magic Wakes Blog Tour. Over to you, Charity. 

10 Things You May Not Know About The Magic Wakes 

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1. In the very first draft, Talia was named Elyzbeth Bynts and was only 18 years old. She had parents, a brother who called her ‘bug’, and a best friend named Trace. All those poor people had to die before I really understood Talia.

2. There were no Draguman in that first draft. 

3. This book started as therapy to help me get through a very rough time in my life. I never thought it would be published, but the story took root, and as it grew I learned to hope and dream again.

4. All of Talia’s dream sequences about the Draguman are part of a vivid dream I had as a freshman in college. Yeah, I have freaky dreams. I wrote it all down and even tried to draw the creatures. You’ll never see my art because it is pathetic. 

5. I wrote 40,000 words on this novel and got stuck. After letting the book sit untouched for almost four years, I pulled it out again. Elyzbeth became Talia, lost all of her family, gained ten years of education and experience. This meant that I would need to start the story from scratch.

6. I did just that for my first Nanowrimo challenge and win in 2008. The bare bones of the story topped out at 60K words and for the first time ever I had a complete novel. 

7. The first chapter of The Magic Wakes has been rewritten a 100 times. At least.

8. The title of the book has changed several times as well. Some of the previous ones were: Sendek, The Quest for Sendek, and Sendek: The Magic Wakes. Even now I’ll refer to the book as Sendek because I’m from the South and we tend to be lazy with our verbal communications. ;) 

9. I know you shouldn’t ever reveal who characters might be patterned after, but the best parts of Landry are the same best parts that made me fall in love with my husband. They are two totally different people, but the fundamental values and attention to detail are the same. Maybe this is why I have a crush on Landry?
10. It was really hard for me to paint the Draguman as evil because I know the events in their past that shaped their actions. Kansisi is as much a victim in my mind as anyone else, but there wasn’t a way to work that into Talia’s story. The Magic Wakes is her story, but perhaps one day I’ll tell Kansisi’s. Footnote: Shishali is pure evil. 

Book Blurb:
CoverTalia has a secret, one that will save her world and yet rip it apart. Only she can decide if the price is worth it.
Scientist Talia Zaryn has always had visions of an alien invasion and of her own death. She’s kept it a secret, hoping they are nothing more than childish nightmares. But when her face in the mirror matches that of her dreams, she fears the dreams are prophetic. Talia must prove that life exists beyond their planet, Sendek; perhaps then people will prepare to fight.
Talia’s work at the Space Exploration Foundation leaves no time for personal relationships, but Major Landry Sutton isn’t looking for a friend. He’s looking for a traitor. His ability to sense emotions convinces him Talia is that traitor until a touch sizzles between them. In an instant their minds are connected and they can communicate telepathically. Just as the two begin to trust each other, the invading force arrives.
Talia and Landry must uncover the secrets of Sendek’s past if they hope to defeat these terrifying creatures. And Talia is the key—if only she can learn to trust the magic coursing through her veins.
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Author Bio:

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Charity Bradford has been a voracious reader ever since her 5th grade teacher introduced her to the world of books with Where the Red Fern Grows and Summer of the Monkeys. She’s the mother of four kids that keep her on her toes, constantly reminding her that imagination still makes the world go round. She lives in Arkansas with her hubby and children, and firmly believes that a smile can solve most problems. The Magic Wakes is her first novel.

Thank you, Charity. I'm so pleased you did write down your college dream - without it, we may not have had the opportunity to read Talia's story. As a matter of interest, Talia was the original name for the female protagonist of my science fiction novel, Dreaming of Sleep. It's since been changed Blue. Good luck with the rest of your blog tour.


  1. Ha! What is it with Talia's and their sleep troubles?

    Thanks for having me Ellie!

  2. Sometimes starting a story from scratch works well though!

  3. Congratulations. A good reminder that any manuscript is a constant work in progress and improvement. But just look at that final product!

    1. Thanks Julie! Even now I want to go back and "fix" things. :)

  4. Excellent post, Charity! I learn so much from other writers. I'm so glad you didn't give up!

    1. Me too! There is that fine line between moving on and not giving up on a good thing. I'm glad I felt that crazy "drive" to keep coming back to this story.

  5. I didn't really get the sense that the dragumon were evil per se as they just had extremely different motivations behind their actions. And I like that kind of villain much better.

    1. I'm so glad! Everyone kept trying to get me to make them more evil, but as I said, they weren't that kind of villain to me either. No, the real villain of the series hasn't taken the spotlight yet even though he has been manipulating things behind the scenes. *wicked smile*

      Oh yes. And you have caught a "glimpse" of him.

  6. The process is a definitely a journey. Confusing, distracting, and filled with *Squirrel!*.

  7. Characteristics of my husband ended up in two main characters from my books. And he knew which two, too.

    1. LOL, I hope they were good characteristics.

  8. Love the cover! Sounds like a great book. Thanks for posting. :)

    Very interesting! I love to read how other authors get into writing. Funny, it seems like four years is the norm for writing to sit around before it's revisited. I especially loved the comment about having to kill off a good deal of people to understand the MC!

    Best Wishes,


    1. I really hope I can move through this next one in a year.

      It disturbs me sometimes that killing has become so easy. *wicked grin*

  9. Writing did the same for me, Charity. Congrats!

    Waving at Ellie!

    1. :) Isn't it wonderful? I'm thinking we're talking about #3 and how writing can get us through rough times.


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