Monday, 4 March 2013

A Question of Answers

Before I start this week's post, I need to apologise. I have been so busy with Passing Time over the last month, my blog visiting has ground to a halt. With its launch and blog tour only seven days away, I still am. I hope you will understand and forgive me.

On with today's topic. A couple of weeks ago I gave you all the opportunity to ask me any question you liked. Today I am answering them.

Q: Shelly, Rachna Chhabria, and Snafu all asked if the girl in this photograph was me, and Michael Offutt asked, 'Who does your hair?'.

Alas, it is not me. I wish it were, because I love her hair and I so want the space suit. Instead, I settle for using her as a virtual avatar.

This is the real me. Sort of similar, in a 'grey way'!

Q: Alex J. Cavanaugh asked, 'What is your icon from? Is it the same series as that photo above?'.

My icon, space girl pictures, and header all come from The icon and space girl pictures are by a designer called lunamarina. The pictures on canstockphoto are not free but they are cheap. I've used them quite a bit. When I have the money, I would like to get my own unique images made.

Q: Trisha F asked, 'Where does one go about getting a costume like in that pic?'

Honestly, I have no idea. I've googled it. I've looked on eBay and Amazon, and can't find anything similar. I might have to email lunamarina.

Q: Old Kitty asked, 'Space Camp! Why?'. 

In case anyone doesn't know, I recently found out there is an adult Space Camp. In fact, I jumped up and down with joy when Space Camp USA actually tweeted me to say I could go. All I need to do now is save the money to buy my ticket. Paypal donations are welcome.

Why do I want to go? I'm a geek. I'm also space mad. So anything that takes me one step closer to an actual space flight is heaven. And I'd get to say 'Houston we have a problem' in the cockpit.

Q: L. Diane Wolfe asked, 'What are you working on now?'.

I'm working on two projects. The first is my Young Adult dystopian novel, in particular the first chapter. I won a first chapter agent critique and need to submit it soon. The second is a collection of 26 flash fiction pieces for this years A to Z challenge, which I am planning to release as an eBook in May. I can tell you it has a post-apocalyptic theme.

Q: Simon Kewin asked, 'What is your first love: horror, SF or fantasy?'.

This is a topic I will touch upon during my upcoming Passing Time Blog Tour. Although I would say science fiction was my first love - Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Dr . Who were all childhood favourites - when it comes to reading and writing, horror is my first love. My horror stories outnumber science fiction two to one.

Q: Alexandra Lanc asked, 'What is your favorite hobby, other than writing?'. 

I had to really think about this because I love to read and I also like watching TV shows such as The Walking Dead, Grimm, Person of Interest, and Perception. If I had to choose something nothing to do with either reading or television, it would be walking. I love being outdoors. Nothing beats fresh air for revitalizing the mind and body.

Q: Misha Gericke asked, 'What got you into writing? How did you get your first story idea?'

I love to talk. A lot. I've always loved telling stories. But I never even considered writing until my mid-twenties, and even then I did not start writing with any commitment for another twelve years. It was always a vague notion I had that maybe I was writer. Maybe not. I'm not sure why I finally started taking it seriously, I'm just glad I did.

My very first story idea was about an intergalactic hooverman who cleared space debris. I think I'd been watching a documentary about the dangers debris posed to future space missions. Needless to say the story sucked.

Q: Martin Ingham asked, 'I was thinking of asking you to help me assemble a set of Alternate History stories involving England and the UK. I suppose my question would be, do you feel up to taking on such a literary challenge?'.

I feel incredibly honoured to be asked, Martin. You have peaked me interest. My answer would depend on when you were thinking of putting it together and exactly what was involved?

Q: E.J. Wesley asked, 'Which story from Passing Time is your favorite? Why?'.

Now that is a tough question. Though short, the title story Passing Time gave me my collection's theme. It still gives me chills every time I read it. But if I had to choose one above all others, it would be Eating Mr. Bone. It's a zombie story with a difference. Ada Fanshaw is one of my favourite characters, and despite her age she has spunk.

Q: Snafu also asked, 'Are you the character from Have Space Suit, Will Travel?'.

How did you know? Was it the similarity between Garratt and Heinlein? Can you keep this between us, though? I wouldn't want the world to know.

Q: Finally, Mark Murata asked, 'But is that you in the helmet's reflection?'.

Now that's just creepy. How did I get in the helmet's reflection when I wasn't even in the room? I think the Universe is trying to tell me something. When I've worked it out, I'll let you know.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a question. I had fun, and I hope you enjoyed reading my answers. Don't forget to call back on Wednesday when this week's Speculative Fiction Writer, Massimo Marino, will be discussing the difficult role of a reviewer.


  1. Yay!! Thank you for answering my question, lovely Ellie!! Space Camp! Why not indeed!!

    p.s. I like that there's a blogger called Snafu! Reminds me of one of my fave Frasier episode "The Show must go off" Niles: there's been a terrible (thinks of a word) snafu...!

    Am I rambling? Yes I am!

    Take care

  2. We have all the same influences!
    Thanks for answering my question. And we got a photo of you - double bonus. (You're the only one who's seen the real me...)

  3. Your real pick is purdy, too.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. I would love to go to space camp. I didn't know they had one for adults. Awesome. I do like your avatar's hair, but the real you is just as lovely.

  5. You have an awesome theme for A-Z. Can't wait to read.

  6. Excellent and insightful answers! We'll definitely have to talk more about the anthology project.

  7. Love the real pic. The background is lovely, and so is your hat! :)

    Best wishes. Looking forward to Passing Time!


  8. Love the questions and answers! I'd like contact lenses that look like the eyes up in your banner. :)

  9. Me and my tough questions! :-D Loved learning more about you and your projects, Ellie.


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