Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Passing Time Blog Tour Day Two, Reviews, & Teaser

It's day two of my Passing Time Blog Tour. You can find me over at Nicole Zoltack's blog, where I'm discussing A Wicked Bag of Horror Tales and its role in inspiring Passing Time's middle story, Dining in Hell.


I've had a couple of reviews for Passing Time that made me smile:

'I just finished the first three stories of your book. I usually don't read this genre, but this is just ... WOW. From now on I am definitely looking forward to all the other books or stories you plan on publishing!' Stephanie Beerden.

'Fans of Poe, Lovecraft, and King will love this dark smorgasbord of beautifully crafted tales, while readers who prefer lighter fare will delight in the wonderful prose and fine storytelling. Just remember, these are not tales to lull you to sleep… unless you enjoy checking under the bed before you turn in.' V.R. Barkowski


As promised yesterday here is the second of nine teasers, this time from Expiration Date:

The doctor sat forward in his chair, dropped the tissue onto the desk, and used both of his hands to massage his temple.
            “What part of no do you not understand?” he asked finally.
“Dr. Winston, you possess the highest levels of success with cloning and the lowest level of clone-mutations in the state. Put simply, you are the best. And I want the best for my Clifford.”
            My father, long accustomed to my deathly appearance, patted me on the arm. This was a bad idea. It was a hot day–eighty-nine degrees and climbing–and the forty-five minute car journey to the doctor’s private practice had left me somewhat baked. When he touched my arm, a few million dried-up skin cells slewed off and fell onto the office’s pristine marble floor.
The doctor glanced at the floor before lifting his gaze again to me. Who could blame him? What must I have looked like? Even though, as my father put it, I came from good stock, I was a deceased third-generation clone. Nothing more than a rotting copy.

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Tomorrow the Passing Time Blog Tour will be making two stops. I'll be talking about Finding Luna Black at Jay Noel's blog and how I went about Collecting A Collection at Mark Knight's blog. Mark Knight is also this week's Speculative Fiction Writer. Finally, I'll be sharing an excerpt from Luna Black.

In the mean time, a massive thank you to everyone who has blogged, tweeted, or mentioned Passing Time on Facebook for me so far. You rock!


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  2. Another great teaser!! Oh wow!! You are so on a roll!! Take care

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  5. Always keep copies of positive reviews. If you ever have to negotiate with an editor for a large advance, they serve as evidence.


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