Friday, 15 March 2013

Ten Things You May Not Know About Passing Time

Week one of my blog tour is nearly over. Sob. I won't cry for too long, though. Today I'm passing time with the inspirational Alexandra Lanc, where I'm sharing ten things you may not know about Passing Time.


Here's the teaser from Dining in Hell I promised.

“Jess!” said a familiar voice, and I turned to see Callie behind the counter, examining a tub of ice cream.
“Put that down, Callie,” I said.
“But there’s food. Lots of it,” she continued, ignoring my order.
“Now!” I shouted and felt Hank flinch behind me. My patience was running out.
“Can I be of help?” a Russian-sounding voice asked.
Logan, Hank, and I turned in the voice’s direction. A young man, with premature silver-white hair and the blackest eyes I’d ever seen, stood in the doorway to what I assumed was the kitchen.
“No problem,” I said, still unsure as to what our course of action should be. “We’ve come to collect our young friend, and we’ll be on our way.”
“You are English?” the man said.
“Yes. But I live in Las…America now.” I was never going back to the place where I’d been so desperate to stay alive I’d killed my entire family.
The strange man turned to the diners and threw his arms up into the air. “She is English!” he declared. His creepy smile made the hairs on my arms stand erect.
No sooner had he finished proclaiming my nationality than everyone in the diner broke into mumbled conversations, smiling and patting each other on the back. It was odd. I didn’t like it.
“Now, English. You and your friends should eat–you appear to have travelled far.”
“Well that’s one way of putting it,” Hank said, sitting at a table of women next to the door. How typical of Hank to pick the quickest escape route. 
“What do you say, Jess? Can we stay and eat? Please,” Callie begged as she re-joined our group. I studied her pale complexion and the dark circles under her eyes and knew I couldn’t refuse her. None of us had eaten a proper meal in days. None of us would have wanted to eat after what we’d seen, but we had to–it was the first rule of survival. It was also, ironically, the reason we were running.

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I will be back on Monday, when one of the characters from Passing Time is interviewed by the fabulous Medeia Sharif. I'll also be taking part in Alex J. Cavanaugh's Top Ten Movies Blogfest.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Thanks for mentioning my blogfest!

  2. Great teaser!

    Hugs and chocolate,


  3. Great teaser, Ellie. Just loved it.

  4. Coolio! Thanks for the teaser. :)

    Also, thanks for letting me host. I hope you liked the post. I'll be back for that character interview monday.



  5. The guy on the cover reminds me of the movie, 'A Clockwork Orange'. Creepy cover but it appears to appropriate to the excerpt. I'd be careful in that dining hall.

    Good luck with Passing Time!

  6. Oooh, nice teaser! I want more :)

  7. Great teaser. I'll be joining the blogfest Monday, also.

  8. I met you at L.Diane's Spunky Place. Loved this excerpt. Man, now I may have to get the book, nightmares or not...

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  9. Love the teaser! I'll be participating in the Blogfest on Monday, too :)

  10. Hi Ellie ... re DG's comment .. I agree - the cover does remind me of Clockwork Orange and that scared the living daylights out of me!

    I'm charging the Kindle now .. so hope I can download the book shortly! Cheers and enjoy St Patrick's Day .. Hilary

  11. Fun teaser! I tweeted a link to your post. Good luck with the tour!

  12. Congrats Ellie. Impressive. Good luck with the blog tour.
    I've been occupied with non-blogging/writing things, hence not finding out you had a collection of stories out, until today.


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