Monday, 1 April 2013

A to Z, Passing Time Offer, & Mark Knight's Blood Family

Today is April 1st, which means it's the first day of A to Z 2013. Thousands of bloggers around the world will be spending an entire month posting using the alphabet to inspire their post topics. I took part in 2011 and enjoyed every moment.

Sadly, I have made the decision not to take part this year. There are several reasons. I'm exhausted after my book launch and two-week blog tour. It's April 1st and I haven't written any A to Z posts. Finally, I need to start focusing on my next short story collection and my novel. Hopefully the organisers will have removed my name from the Linky, but if they haven't please accept my apologies.

Passing Time Offer

Up until this Friday (Midnight EST April 5th) you can get Passing Time for just $1.45 (98p). If you can, please share this on your blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc. I'd really appreciate it.

Now onto some awesome news.

Blood Family by Mark Knight

Blood Family by my good friend, Mark Knight, was published yesterday. If you want to read a vampire story with a difference, one that made Mark turn away from the Twilight-induced requirements of the big publishing houses, Blood Family is for you.

You may remember Mark was my Speculative Fiction Writer on March 13th. If you want to learn more about him and his book, you can find the post here

A vampire father, an imprisoned mother, and one perilous journey...

Lazy, goalless New England teenager Daniel Dark never intended his life to change so dramatically. It starts with the arrival of a mysterious package, and the revelation that his true father was a master vampire named Dominus.

As his own fearsome powers begin to emerge, he sets out to rescue his birth mother, still imprisoned in Dominus’ stronghold.

Strange clues take Daniel to the deep forests of southern Mexico and then to the mist-shrouded moors of England. Hot on his heels is his adoptive father – Pastor Nathan Dark, determined to find and kill he boy he had once called his son.
A new urban fantasy for Young Adult readers and beyond.

Available at and 

So, whose doing A to Z? Do you have a theme or are you winging it? If you're not doing A to Z, what are your plans for April?


  1. Yay it's April!! Hope you are having a good Easter break, Ellie! Thanks for the info about Blood Family - love the twist (evil step father rather than the mother! Yay!). Take care

  2. You've earned the rest, Ellie. Take care.

  3. Sorry you're not entering this year, you will be sadly missed but you certainly needs the rest.


  4. We will miss you, but family comes first.

  5. Hi Ellie .. look after yourself and good luck with Passing Time .. cheers Hilary

  6. Ooh- off to grab your book- and sorry you won't be doing the A-Z
    Rest well

  7. I contemplated not participating since I have a lot of IRL things going on. I did manage to crank out a bunch of posts, but sadly, I'm probably not going to be able to visit a lot of blogs.

    Hopefully you get the chance to recharge over the next little while.

  8. It's certainly important to know your limitiations, and to not spread yourself too thin. Rest up and keep writing.

  9. It's a shame that you're not A-to-Zing this year, but I can see why.

    I've set myself the challenge of writing a novella in a month. Wish me luck.

    Dave Wrote This

  10. I'm sorry you won't be doing A to Z but I can certainly understand the exhaustion part. A blog tour is nerve-wracking!

    I'm doing a kitty theme. :)

    Laura Eno – A Shift in Dimensions

  11. It's day 2 of the A-Z and I'm already tired, lol. I was exhausted after my blog tour, too - it takes a lot out of you. But, I just had to try the A-Z.

    Congrats to Mark on Blood Family. It sounds like a great read :)


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