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Stacy Claflin - Speculative Fiction Writer

Before I introduce this week's featured Speculative Fiction Writer, I have to tell you about the awesome surprise I received this morning. As many of you know, I'm in the middle of a blogging break. For part of that break I've been abroad for a few days with my family. Unfortunately I was unable to check my emails while away and so missed one from Alex J. Cavanaugh telling me there was a surprise on his blog for me. I was honoured and touched to discover I was featured as one of his favourite bloggers. You can read the post here. Thank you, Alex. You rock!

Now on to to young adult fantasy writer Stacy Claflin, who graciously agreed to be interviewed for this week's Speculative Fiction Writer post.

Q:  Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do when you're not writing?

I live in the Pacific Northwest and I am busy running a home preschool and home educating my kids. When the weather is nice, we love being outdoors. The scenery around here is amazing - it's worth putting up with all of the rain!

Q:  You have published Deception and Betrayal, young adult fantasy novels from The Transformed series. Tell us a bit about them. 

Alexis is a brilliant girl who only believes in what can be proven by science…until strange things begin to happen to her that have no explanation. When she gets angry light bulbs start exploding and crows begin to follow her. That’s only the beginning. What she discovers will test not only her beliefs, but her strength, as she must stand up to one of the most powerful forces in the world.

As the story continues in Betrayal, Alexis learns more about her true identity and destiny. She must make some difficult decisions when her heart refuses to agree with the centuries-old destiny for her life. 

Q:  Would you share an excerpt with us? 

Here’s one when Alexis first discovers the crows : 

I was so startled by the sight of over a hundred crows flying in a massive circle directly above where I was sitting that I jumped off the bench.

They were all going around and around in a circle. As soon as one made eye contact with me, it began to caw. The rest followed suit and dozens of crows were orbiting around and around right over me, and all of them were shrieking at me.

I grabbed my purse and inched away from the bench without breathing. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them, and I noticed that as I inched along, the whole circle inched right along with me in the air above me. I stopped for a moment and finally took a breath.

As soon as I began to breathe again, every single creepy bird in the circling, cawing flock turned its eyes toward me. Each one was looking down at me while whirling above my head.

To make sure that I wasn’t losing my mind, I slowly walked about two feet. Each one kept its eyes fixed on me. They circled, cawing, and they stayed directly above me. Exactly as I moved, the circle moved.

I made a split second decision and ran to my car as fast as I could without looking up or back. Once I was safely locked in my car, I looked outside to see if they had followed me. I didn’t see them, so I inched myself forward so that I could see above the car without getting out. There they were, flying right above my car in their massive whirl.

Q:  You're getting ready to publish a book called Chasing Mercy next month. Tell us about it. 

It's unrelated to the Transformed series: 

The summer after graduation should have been the most exciting time of Mercy’s life. Instead, on the way to an exciting overseas trip, she barely survives an accident that kills the rest of her family. As soon as she’s released from the hospital, a creepy hooded figure with black skinny jeans begins to chase her.

At home, Mercy experiences other ghostly encounters. Kit, her neighbor who happens to run a paranormal blog, thinks that her brush with death has made her more sensitive to life on the other side. She discovers that the creepy hooded figure is holding her dad’s ghost captive so she enlists the help of Kit to rescue her dad from the ghost who’s chasing her. 

Q:  What are your plans for future books?
I'm writing the first draft of Forgotten, which is the next book in my series. I'm planning on five books in the series as well as a sequel to Chasing Mercy.  I have a lot of ideas for other books, including a couple of offshoot series from The Transformed. 

Q:  Now for the compulsory random question: What is the most unique award you've won?

In junior high, I won an award for having the school's "best dressed ears" because of my wild and crazy earring collection!

Thank you, Stacy. I must say I have great admiration for parents who choose to home school their children and especially for someone who is also making time to write. I shall be adding the Transformed series to my TBR pile. I'd also love to know who does your book covers  - they are stunning.

Today is my 400th post. Can you believe it? I shall be back on Monday 29th. In the mean time, happy writing to all.


  1. Yes, Alex does surprise people in the most lovely ways.Bet you were over the moon.

    I enjoyed your post and as usual and congrats on your 400th post, I look forward to your return.


  2. Yay for you lovely Ellie!!

    And thanks for the intro to Stacy's The Transformed series!! All the best! Take care

  3. I wouldn't want crows chasing me. Congratulations on the books, Stacy.
    And you are most welcome, Ellie! I knew you were on break, but I was still concerned when I hadn't heard from you. Glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks, Alex! I wouldn't want them chasing me either!

  4. Thank you so much for featuring me, Ellie!

    I love the covers too! :) They are created by Bryan Hufular. You can find him here:

    I hope you enjoy your break!

  5. Alex has featured great bloggers--so nice to see you there too!

  6. Terrific interview! I will be looking for Stacey's books for sure.

  7. I enjoyed reading the interview with Stacy, and I'm wishing her much success with her books and the one coming out in a month. Go Stacy!
    Congrats on being featured by Alex! I saw that! :-)


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