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Angela Brown - Speculative Fiction Writer

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Today I have the pleasure of introducing this week's Speculative Fiction Writer, and fellow Untethered Realms member, Angela Brown. She's discussing her latest release, and what influenced her choice of main character.

First let me say how cool it is to rock this spot with Ellie ((Big Hugs!))

And now, on to the post.

I released Atone this week. It’s a novella, a quick read with a little romance…oh, and assassins.

My assassin isn’t the usual kind of guy. I’m a speculative fiction author, just can’t help myself lol! The story begins with Caine Fordham in his element. That is where I’ll pause.

When I started the process of building this story, Caine was supposed to be Victoria. Yes, a woman is who I imagined for the main assassin. But as I reached the moment for writing, Victoria remained silent, comfy in her steampunked getup, politely pointing at a reserved, mysterious gentleman in a tailor made suit. As the author, I started to make it my duty to write the story my way. But I chose to listen to what Caine had to say. In a tone filled with regret, he shared about a first kiss, painful departures, a life of longevity and a desire to atone.

“I’ve already got a flash fiction piece and another possible romance tale swimming in that brain of yours. Roll with Caine,” Victoria said, giving me a nod.

I wasn’t sure exactly how to help him atone, but darn it! I had to try. Thus, here we are with Atone.

I’m pleased as punch with the result, mostly because I’m glad I didn’t force control of the characters. It felt wonderful to let the story flow onto the screen, to simply be a conduit. Sometimes, it happens. A story takes a life of its own, detouring from the friendly skeletal guidelines set up for the novel and venturing off into fun-jungle-like-yonder.

So what would you do? Would you take control of the story or let the story free-flow?

***What harm can come from a kiss?***

Caine Fordham knows the danger all too well. 

As the Kill Circuit’s top lady-killer, business is good. Yet Caine knows the life of an assassin isn’t meant to last forever, just as love is impossible for him. Who could love a man with poison lacing his veins and a kiss that kills?

When Caine decides to take one last job, deal out one last kiss, he discovers there’s more to life than death, and more to love than pain.

Atone is the second in a series of Characters Revealed novellas/short stories for...

NEO – Network of Extraordinaires and Otherworldlies:

Those who answer the call from NEO play their part in maintaining balance in our ever-changing times. With power-hungry malcontents, jealous gods, and even those with misguided good intentions, the fate of our world has oft been held in the hands of unsung heroes such as those that are members of NEO.

But before NEO, these heroes and heroines had lives, loves, issues and interests that didn’t involve saving mankind.

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Author Bio: 

Born and raised in Little Rock, AR, Angela now calls Central Texas home. She's a lover of Wild Cherry Pepsi and chocolate /chocolate covered delicious-ness. Steampunk, fantasy and paranormal to contemporary - mostly young adult - fill her growing library of books. Mother to a rambunctious darling girl aptly nicknamed Chipmunk, life stays busy. Her favorite quote keeps her moving: "You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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It was a pleasure hosting you today, Angela. Thank you again for helping me out at such short notice. Yay for Caine, and for Victoria for bowing out so graciously! I am a definite free-flow writer. My characters have their own lives and will (sometimes) politely tell me to head off in a direction I never even envisioned. So, I understand exactly where you are coming from.

Well that is it for this week. Don't forget to call back Monday when I'll be revealing the cover for my upcoming science fiction short story collection. In the mean time, happy writing.


  1. You definitely have to give the characters their lead, otherwise you'd be spinning your wheels needlessly. Those characters have minds of their own!

  2. It's probably a much stronger story because you let it flow naturally.

  3. I always listen to my characters. It can be frustrating because I can't plot that way, but oh what adventures they take me on! I'm happy that you let Caine have his story.

  4. I think it happens as we become better acquainted with the characters, they start to dictate the plot. Mine took a left turn recently, and I had to turn them back. It was a crazy tangent that derailed the whole dang book. Other left turns I allow. Just not those ones.

    It's a great plot, Angela. Can't wait to read it.

    Waving at Ellie.

  5. It's not just the characters either. Sometimes events unfold and all of a sudden, you find a different result than what you expected. That left turn takes you on an adventure you never anticipated.

    Congrats, Angela!

  6. Caine Fordham is such an awesome name for a character! Loved learning more about this novella and can't wait to read it. Yay Angela!

  7. I also try to listen to my characters, sometimes I pull them where I want to lead them, sometimes they drag me in their direction.

  8. I'm liking the sound of this one; cool cover, too. I usually let my stories free-flow, but I have a general idea who the characters are, and I follow them.


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