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Jeff Beesler's Optical Osmosis Tour

I have the awesomely talented Jeff Beesler making the final stop of his Optical Osmosis Tour with me today. Can it get any better? Over to you, Jeff.

Q:  Please tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, and what do you do when you're not writing? 

I live and work near Seattle, WA, in the USA.

 Q:  On your blog you say 'words leak out of my brain through my fingertips, trailing across the page in either ink or type form.' Which do you prefer and why - writing by hand or typing? 

Both have their merits. I can get in a quick couple of pages easily handwritten, but I think I prefer the fast-paced world of typing more.

Q:  The cover for Optical Osmosis is stunning. Who designed it and how much of a creative input did you have? 

Author and cover illustrator Sam Hunt did that for me. I told him about my protagonist Greg, and within six hours the cover was ready!

Q: Where did the idea for Optical Osmosis come from? 

It started off as a super hero story but quickly changed into something else.

Q:  Would you like to share an excerpt with us?

Greg jumped back a bit, not noticing his elbow knocking the telescope out of its position and into a new one.
“Guess I just couldn’t help myself,” said Greg, facing away from the telescope.
“I don’t blame you. There’s so much about the universe we don’t understand. It’s perfectly natural to be curious about it, as well as ourselves. That’s why I use these.”
Thomas nodded toward the binder in his hand, almost filled to capacity with the notes and charts he’d made in his amateurish studies.
“Guess I have a lot to learn, huh?” said Greg.
“Don’t we all?”
Greg reflected on that for a moment as he turned his gaze back toward the eyepiece. He let himself get all caught up in the notion of having so much to learn still. His mind unfocused on what he was doing, he caught a glimpse of something bright that, at first, he thought to be the same star in the east. The flare that struck his retina seared it just as Thomas had promised. A second later, Greg yowled, reeling away from the instrument.
“My eye!” he said, throwing a hand over the damaged organ. A strange spectrum of green flashed inside his eyelid, almost tingly in nature, like what happened every time he rubbed his eyes.
He heard footsteps crunching gravel from somewhere behind him, growing closer in distance. Thomas shouted words that went ignored while Greg knelt down on the ground, rocking himself back and forth. How could he have been so stupid?
The pain only lasted a fraction of a minute. Greg kept both eyes clenched shut, even though only the one, his right, had suffered damage. Every optic nerve in the afflicted region danced with the excess energy input, even while the power diminished to certain numbness. A firm clasp on his shoulder, coupled with the scent of Thomas’s deodorant failing in the early evening heat, indicated precisely where Greg’s camping partner presently stood.
“You didn’t look directly at the sun through the telescope, did you?” asked Thomas.
“I thought the clouds still covered the sun,” Greg replied with a wince. “I could’ve sworn the telescope still pointed east.”
“It’s okay. We should just get you to the hospital and have you checked out.” The sigh released from Thomas’s lungs sounded forgiving in nature, as though the guy felt Greg’s remorse over this screw-up was genuine.
Greg nodded, opening his eyes with great reluctance. Despite just the one eye suffering from the solar energy injected into his retina by telescopic means, both of his optical organs struggled to compensate for the blurriness now dominating his vision.
Damn that telescope, thought Greg. This never would’ve happened if I’d made plans with Ashley like I was supposed to.
He glanced up to find Thomas staring back at him. Again a prickly sensation intensified from somewhere within his eyeballs. His gaze locked onto Thomas’s. When he tried to pull back, it felt as though he couldn’t do anything but look Thomas directly in the eye.
Then another surge of that greenish energy swelled, making it impossible for Greg to see anything beyond Thomas at all. The force that made Greg unable to stop staring at his friend also started to fill his body with an unusual rush of heat.

Q: This is the last day of your blog tour. Sob. What are your plans post-blog tour?

I’m going to be working on getting more books out there. My backlog of books needing revision is in the double digits!

Q:  Now for the compulsory random question: if you had the same ability as Tempe in Optical Osmosis, whose mind would you absorb and why? 

I’m not sure I’d like to have that ability, but if I wound up having to be stuck with someone else in my head, I’d have to say my dentist. He’s such a mellow person.

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Thank you, Jeff. You already know I'm a huge fan! I also think Optical Osmosis has one of the most stunning covers I've ever seen. 

That's it for this week. Happy writing and reading.


  1. Your dentist - funny!
    Hope the tour has been a big success, Jeffrey.

  2. Optical Osmosis sounds intriguing. I need to add it to my TBR pile. Good Luck Jeff!

  3. This sounds awesome! I've been in need of a sci-fi fix, so this just might do it for me. Adding to the TBR list :)

  4. Alex: It at least got the word out about my book. That in itself is a huge success!

    Rachna: Thank you. I appreciate it!

    David: So long as you don't suffer the same vision woes as Greg in my story, I'd like to believe that Optical Osmosis has the cure for what ails you, with regards to that sci-fi fix!

  5. Hi Jeff. Hi Ellie. Great interview. Long time no see Jeff. It's great to see your book out and I agree, that cover is awesome! All the best!


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