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Nikki Spencer - Speculative Fiction Writer

Today I have the pleasure of introducing a new writing friend, Nikki Spencer. She was gracious enough to be interviewed and, if you like fiction with a bite, you're in for a treat. Over to you, Nikki.

Q:  Please tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, and what do you do when you're not writing?

First of all, I want to say thanks, Ellie! It’s a pleasure to be interviewed on your blog. At the present time I live in Southern California with the hubs and three rambunctious kiddos, one with Down syndrome. When I’m not writing, I devote a ton of time to my family.

In my previous life, I was a waitress, dental assistant, telemarketer, and dental lab technician. Currently I am web marketer/social media manager, and of course, a writer!

Q:  On your blog you describe yourself as a writer of “Dark fiction and thrilling tales of fantasy, horror, and sci-fi.” What would you say your readers can expect from your books?

My stories generally have many elements. It’s not straight up horror, although it seems like most stories I write have a fairly large element of horror. I like to write meaningful stories that resonate with the reader and not just scare the pants off them. I love to make people feel things when they read my writing, whether it be fear, suspense, love, tension, relief, anger, betrayal, hope, curiosity, sadness, or joy. I hope for genuine compassion or connection with the characters because I feel that’s what my readers want. They want to be entertained. They want to have a great time reading my books, and I want to deliver that feeling to them.

Perhaps the label “dark fiction” might be a tad bit misleading, but the hubs said I better put that in there to warn people…sometimes my stories can bite!

Q:  You have a couple of short stories currently out, and a novel coming out next year. Can you tell us a little about that?

I have two shorts out right now, Eye For An Eye and Etherland.

Etherland is the story of a boy who lives in the walls of his old home. There is a terrible being called the Etherman that comes and kills the families that live there, but because the boy is a ghost, he can do nothing about it except watch the brutality, over and over. He tries in vain to warn the living, but they never listen. One day, a new family with a young daughter moves in and she, more than anyone before, can hear him. They form a bond, but she doesn’t believe that the Etherman will come for them. He tries to warn her, to make her and her family leave the house before it’s too late.

My WIP is a novel tentatively titled Pinned. It’s about a woman who becomes infected by a rare caterpillar that causes a disease that compels her to eat live people. She knows it’s wrong and fights against her desires while attempting to find a cure, all the while trying to solve who is murdering children around her. Naturally, she is the first suspect.

Besides infecting her with the compulsion for live flesh, she is gifted with the ability to sense what other infected people need to return to optimal health. She knows what plants/insects can cure folks, but she wants to eat them, too.

Pinned is expected to be released middle of next year. If you want to be notified when it’s out, you can sign up for the mailing list on my website and get a free ebook, too, called Blood and Blue Bottle.

Q:  Would you like to share an excerpt of Etherland with us?

Today feels wrong to me. Today the air prickles, and I feel shards of electricity sparking here and there. The mice and insects that live with me have all burrowed away. I know why.

He’s coming.

At first I feel a rumbling underneath, deep in the ground. I don’t think the family feels it yet. They will soon. I go to the attic and ball up. I wish I could cry, but nothing comes out. I don’t want to see what I know will happen. I don’t want to see my friend’s pain and then, blankness as her light is extinguished.

I rock, my arms around my knees. My throat opens up and my grief-filled haunting scream rips through the air. I hear a crash below and Mom giving a little yip. Finally, now she hears me. If only it wasn’t too late.

I see a flash as the air dries out and static electricity sparks. He’s very close now. I hear that low, oily laugh, the one that makes me turn cold and feel covered in slime. My heart breaks at the loss of my friend, for I know I will lose her. How can I just leave her to her death like this? I can’t leave her alone with…him.

I decide then and there to be with her till the end, no matter how much it hurts.

Available at Amazon and

Q:  Now for the compulsory random question: if you could live in any fictional setting, where would it be and why?

I honestly don’t think my perfect fictional setting has been written about yet. It would definitely have to be a place where I have super powers, namely the ability to not sleep. Ever. Barring that, it would be a trip to have an adventure in the Hunger Games arena.

About Author Nikki Spencer: 

Nikki Spencer has been reading and writing under the bedcovers since she was four. A fascination with serial killers, strange behavior, and all things creepy flavors her writing with delicious twists and unnerving happenings.

In her first life, she made dentures for a living. Currently she is a full-time wife and mom, part-time web marketer, and full-time writer. Somehow it all adds up.

Loves: steak, fried vegetables, gruyere cheese, and being brave, passionate, and strong. Hates: sushi, the food police, shopping, bad singers, and sticky floors. Being boring is not an option.

Find Nikki Spencer here: Website, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Amazon Author Page, Goodreads Author Page.


Thank you, Nikki. I think you and I were twins separated at birth. We share so many interests, and I used to write under the bed covers!

That is all for this week. I'll be back on Monday, when I'll be starting the seven-day countdown to the release of Taking Time. “Meeeep!” as Beaker would say.


  1. Pinned does sound dark! But very intriguing as well.

  2. It's great to meet you, Nikki. Love dark fiction. Ooh, and great excerpt!

  3. I enjoyed the interview and really loved the excerpt. It's such a dynamic conflict to have someone trying to warn other but no one will listen or believe. Wishing Nikki every success! :-)

  4. Pinned sounds really great, conflicts between motives and need is a great background for a novel. Etherland too sounds like a great story too. I must check out Amazon.

  5. I just now bought Etherland. Why? One phrase from the excerpt:

    "I hear that low, oily laugh"

    That was good enough for me.

  6. Nice to meet Nikki. Her book sounds lovely.

  7. Thank you for the opportunity, Ellie, and lovely to meet everyone. Thank you for the well wishes!

  8. Good to meet you, Nikki! This sounds like my kind of read. I'll have to look into it.

    It's been a while, Ellie, but I've returned to the Sphere. Thanks for hosting this awesome interview! :)

  9. Your work is terrifying in a good way Nikki! Keep it up! Thanks for hosting her Ellie.
    - Maurice Mitchell

    The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr

  10. Whoa! I thought I knew Nikki. Awesome excerpt. I'm heading over to Amazon now! Okay, I bought it. Amazing cover!

  11. Like Gary, the "oily laugh" was great. Nice excerpt.

  12. Great interview. Those are very intriguing and original stories. Creepy, but cool!

  13. Besides infecting her with the compulsion for live flesh, she is gifted with the ability to sense what other infected people need to return to optimal health. She knows what plants/insects can cure folks, but she wants to eat them, too.

    I would like to read more about that character, for sure!

  14. Pinned sounds great. Can't wait for its release. Eydie :)


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