Friday, 23 August 2013

Elizabeth Arroyo's The Second Shadow Cover Reveal

I'm super-excited to help reveal the cover for book two of Elizabeth Arroyo's The Second Sign Series.
Now that is one sizzling cover! 

The Blurb

Jake thought being demon meant a shredded humanity, stripped of all human emotion. Chaos and self-preservation dominates a demon’s instincts. But Jake feels every ounce of pain and despair around him.

And it’s driving him deeper into Hell.

Gabby’s choice to save him last summer left a fissure in Hell’s gate that released a malevolent evil. When Jake’s given a mission by the demons to shadow a human girl who may know the whereabouts of an ethereal weapon, he doesn't expect to see Gabby. But Fate has her own agenda.

When Jake and Gabby are thrown together on a camping trip with a group of delinquent teens, Jake begins to grapple with the haunting choices he made in the past.  When the evil finds them, the group begins to battle for their lives, alliances are made, and truths revealed.

As the evil begins to influence Jake, he questions his link to the demons, his purpose, and his love for Gabby. 

But the answers to those questions are only found in Hell. And it may cost him his soul.

(Book 2 of The Second Sign series)

Dark YA Paranormal Romance
Available September 5, 2013

Sapphire Star Publishing

About the author

Elizabeth has worked in the community for the bulk of her professional career. She enjoys quiet moments, action flicks, and dancing with her four-year-old.  

You can find more information about Elizabeth at

A massive congratulations, Elizabeth. This and book one are going on my TBR. Now excuse me, while I go search Shutterstock for someone just as 'hot' to represent the male protagonist in my upcoming science fiction series. Have a great weekend everybody.


  1. Congratulations, Elizabeth - cool cover.

  2. What a fab cover!! All the best, Elizabeth! take care

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  4. Congratulations, Elizabeth. Another attention grabbing cover.

  5. Thanks! I'm super excited! =)

  6. Congratulations to Elizabeth! What a magnificent cover! :)

  7. Congrats, Elizabeth! That's one red hot cover - in every way! Have a great weekend, Elizabeth and Ellie.! :-)


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