Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Realms Faire Day 3 - Drench-a-Wench, Soak-a-Bloke, & Castle Jumble

Well that blog post title was a mouthful.

Thank you to everyone who visited and took part in Day 2 of Realms Faire. Raise a tankard and cheer yourself. Huzzah!

Four more knightly friends entered Star Knight's Hall of Fame. Thank you for your good cheer (I fear some of you may have had a little too much ale, though). Don't forget you can vote for Star Knight every day this week, up to three times a day, over at M Pax's blog. Just use my words of valor in your comments - Star Knight, Yonder, and Passing Time.

Now on to today's two featured events.

Drench-a-Wench / Soak-a-Bloke

This one is all about giving chosen bloggers some Realms Faire love. Blogs will be selected by committee to be bombarded by comments. A person will be nominated each day. People will go to that person's blog and soak them with blog love. One commenter a day will randomly be selected to win a prize. For the commenters that participate in all five days of the event, their names will be entered into a draw for a grand prize.

Ride your steed over to Christine Rains website to find out who today's recipient is.

Castle Jumble

Laura Eno will post a word (like Bartizan) on her blog and the first person to give her the correct definition in the comments is the winner. They will need to Google the word most likely. More than one word a day can be posted. A person can only win once a day though.

Sounds like a worthy challenge to me.

Visit the Other Realms Faire Events

Finally, don't forget to enter the draw for the Realms Faire Grand Prize!

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I'll be back tomorrow with more fun and games.


  1. Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Local Tamil News

  2. Aw ... Christine is awesome! I'll take a hop over to visit her. Thx!

  3. Huzzah! Ride your steed over to the games! ;)

  4. There are so many great prizes! Get your Christmas shopping done by playing games! :D

  5. This has been a bunch of fun bloghops.


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