Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Realms Faire Day 2 - Phasers and Hunting Dragons

Before I bring you more merriment and ways to win prizes, please raise a tankard and toast the fair people who cheered Star Knight on the first day of the Jousting Tournament. They have earned a place in Star Knight's Hall of Fame.

I still need your help! Ride your noble steeds over to M Pax's blog and cheer Star Knight on the second day of jousting, using my words of valor - Star Knight, Yonder, and Passing Time.

You can vote every day this week.

Dueling Bards Update

It was a closely fought battle, with many commenting bards continuing the duel until its gut-wrenching finale. In the end, Katora Kase won by one comment. Victory Dead salutes her. She was a worthy opponent.

I will be contacting the prize winners soon. Don't forget to vote on the other duels happening this week!

Now for two more exciting events that bring more fun and prizes.



Every day this week on the Untethered Realms website a word inspired by a popular science fiction show will be posted. Yesterday it was phaser, inspired by Star Trek. The first commenter then provides a word they think of associated with 'phaser', such as 'stun'. The next commenter would then provide a word they associate with 'stun', such as 'shock'. The next would provide a word associated with 'shock', such as 'electric'. And so on. The last comment of the day will receive a prize. 

Today's prizes are a steampunk pin from M Pax, a Czech Fairy Tales CD by Dennis Strachota, and choice of an eBook from Laura Eno.

Dragon Hunt

Find the hidden dragon on each of the following sites and email your findings to: 
Put: Dragon Hunt on the subject line of the email. 
Each dragon will have a number printed on it. You can copy/paste this list below if you like and put the dragon # next to each one. The winner with the most correct answers gets a $25 Amazon Gift Card!
There are ten dragons total. Find as many as you can. In case of a tie, the names will go into a hat and the winner selected at random. The winner will be announced on this blog on Monday, November 18th.
Good hunting!

Participating Site    Dragon Number 

1. Untethered Realms            _____
2. Gwen Gardner                   _____
3. Julie Flanders                     _____
4. Cherie Reich                      _____
5. Angela Brown                    _____
6. Samantha Geary               _____
7. M Pax                                 _____
8. Christine Rains                  _____
9. Laura Eno                          _____
10. Ellie Garratt                     _____

Visit the Other Realms Faire Events

Finally, don't forget to enter the draw for the Realms Faire Grand Prize!
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That's it for today. I must polish my armour and prepare my steed for battle. Huzzah!


  1. I wish you good luck in your joust!! (Apparently this fair requires more braincells than I have because I went to the joust to comment your words - but "Star Knight" isn't jousting. I can't find a dragon with a number on this page. Does a ninja count? I'm an epic-fail figuring out the other games too.)

    1. I am jousting! It's just Mary is featuring two Knights every day. Maybe I'll get more cheers the day I'm actually featured?

      You have to hunt a little further than this page to find the dragon ;)

    2. OK. I had a few cups of coffee, more brain cells came online, and I'm figuring out the games! Yay! :-)

  2. Huzzah! Thanks for mentioning my dragons. They be spoiling for another person to toast...uh, meet their acquaintance. Best go in with armor and a face plate...

  3. Congrats to Katora. Twas a good and fair fight, indeed! Still, there's the joust. I just returned from cheering on Star Knight!


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