Wednesday, 19 February 2014

An Interview With Hybrid Author, Donna Hosie

This week's interviewee is right at the front of the monumental changes to both traditional and indie publishing. Bestselling YA writer, Donna Hosie, is what is called a hybrid author. She popped by recently to answer a few of my questions.

Hi Donna. Thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to visit with me. Please pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. Here we go:

Q: What is your favourite day of the week and why? 

It definitely isn't Monday - Friday, I can tell you that much! Writing is now a full-time job for me (4am starts, anyone?), but I also have a Government 9-5 job too. I'm hoping to be a full-time writer within two years, so ask me that question then!

Q: What punctuation mark best describes you?

Exclamation mark !!! I'm in a perpetual WTF!!! state right now ;)

Q: If I came to your home and looked at your bookshelves, what would I find?

Books! (Sorry, couldn't resist!) First, you would find my fiction books in alphabetical order by author. But they're a real smorgasbord of fantasy, young adult, historical, crime... My husband and I are huge readers. I love most genres. I also have separate bookshelves for Harry Potter novels and books by Tolkien, because I also collect memorabilia for those two fantasy worlds. My study is a shrine to New Zealand and Tolkien, whereas my dining room is all Hogwarts, (I have a very understanding family who are cool with mum being a geek!)

Q: Indie publishing has a new buzzword - Hybrid Author. Can you tell us what that means?

A hybrid author is someone who has an agent/publishing contract for traditional publishing deals, but who also strikes it out alone and project manages other releases independently.

Q: Do you see yourself as a hybrid author?

Absolutely. I am signed to the Bent Agency and am repped by Beth Phelan. My novel, THE DEVIL'S INTERN, the first in a four book series, is going to be published by Holiday House in the Fall 2014, which is uber exciting. However, I also indie publish, and in June 2014, I will publish the first book in my second Camelot time-travel series. Being a hybrid author means you wear two very different publishing hats. It can be exhausting, but it's also extremely empowering.

Q: Which form of social media would you recommend as the best promotion platform for indie/hybrid authors?

Blogger may be waning in popularity, but for cover releases, Blogger can't be beaten. I love Goodreads though, and that is the platform I use the most. Book lovers are the greatest, most passionate people out there.

Q: What is your next big project?

I have two big projects this year. THE RING OF MORGANA release is next up in June. I've just had the cover delivered by my designer and it is BEAUTIFUL! But the release of THE DEVIL'S INTERN is going to be a whole new experience because I will be heading to New York to meet my agent and editor for the first time. I can't wait. 2014 is going to be very special.

Q: What is your year-ending goal for 2015?

Full-time writing. I have tunnel vision for that one goal.

About the Author

Donna Hosie is YA writer and full time geek. Author of SEARCHING FOR ARTHUR, THE FIRE OF MERLIN and THE SPIRIT OF NIMUE. Represented by Beth Phelan of The Bent Agency, NY. Forthcoming releases include THE RING OF MORGANA (June 2014) and THE DEVIL'S INTERN (Holiday House, Fall 2014).

Thank you, Donna. I'm in awe of your work ethic. It takes real dedication to rise that early in the morning before heading out for a full days work. Congratulations on becoming one of the new breed of writers. I believe the future for writers is hybrid, and we have your example to follow.

Today Donna is revealing the cover for her next release, The Ring of Morgana. Make sure you visit her blog - it's a beautiful cover.

Have you heard the term Hybrid Author before today? Do you feel this will be the future for writers - a mix of traditional and indie publishing?


  1. I admire anyone who wants to write full-time as that would be too much pressure on me. Congratulations on your upcoming releases, Donna.

  2. Great interview; Donna is always a breath of fresh air. I think I heard the term "hybrid author" about a week ago. I wondered what it was and turned out I am one!

  3. Me, too! I'm a total exclamation point!!! LOL

    Congrats on your upcoming releases. Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing yourself with us, and to Ellie for putting it together!

  4. I love the exclamation point answer - that about covers it for me too LOL.

    Congrats on all your releases and it was interesting to learn more about hybrid authors. Your experience is inspiring and I have a feeling you will reach your goal for 2015.

  5. Great interview! I have heard the term hybrid author. I'll be querying small publishers this year, but I'll still be self-publishing. I like the idea of being a hybrid and I think we'll see a lot of more them.

  6. Awesome interview! Congrats on all your upcoming releases--how exciting. I'm shooting to be a hybrid author as well.

    Navigating Goodreads eludes me, lol. No matter how often I go there, I just get lost.

  7. Thanks for hosting, Ellie. You're always the hostess with the mostess!

  8. Congrats, Donna. Is Holiday House an independent publisher or an imprint of one of the big five?

  9. Hybrid is wonderful. Congrats, Donna! Yes, folks seem to be scaling back on the blogging.

  10. I am so relieved that the term hybrid author did not refer to some kind of gender orientation. The answer ‘books’ being on a book shelf is not as obvious as you may think. When my work took me into the homes of many ordinary households, looking at their bookshelves not a book could be seen, just videos.

  11. Hi Ellie and Donna - what an interesting interview ... and you are certainly going to be very busy this year. What fun going off to New York to meet your agent and editor ... all the very best - sounds like that tunnel vision is an essential ...

    Have fun and cheers to you both for the weekend - Hilary


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