Monday, 2 June 2014

Guess who met Simon Pegg? Me!

Last week I spent three days on holiday in London. While I was there, I passed within a few feet of J.J. Abrams and had my photograph taken with Simon Pegg. Yes. I'm still pinching myself. I also met up with fellow writer and until last week just a virtual friend, Mark Knight. Here's a few highlights from one of the best holidays of my life.

Gladiator Live at the Royal Albert Hall
 - a screening of the film with a live orchestra.

The Royal Albert Hall at night.

A visit to the Science Museum.

Exploring Space, by far the best exhibition.

They even had a model of the Enterprise.

The Apollo 10 Command Module, on loan from NASA.

A 3D Earth projection that changed from day to night.

Loved this traditional English Ballard about the world being upside down. Please read it.

I dressed up as an astronaut!

The main event - Star Trek Live at the Royal Albert Hall.

The screening was introduced by J.J. Abrams, Michael Giacchino, and Simon Pegg. By chance, our door into the RAH was next to the stage door. An eagle-eyed Mark Knight spotted J.J. Abrams getting out of his car. Yes. We both acted like school children and were quite overcome with emotion. 

Photographs taken during the screening. 

Finally, I ran into Simon Pegg after the event. Despite being asked by numerous people to have his picture taken with them, he was an absolute gentleman. My new hero.

So, that was my trip to London. I shall never forget it, that's for sure. I'm now working on raising the money to attend Destination Star Trek in October. I have to go.

It's back to work this week for me. A return to normality. What are your plans for this week and for June? I've set myself a daily word count of 750 this month. I want to add a 22,500 word count by my birthday on June 30th. Wish me luck. Also, if you see me frequenting Facebook, kick me off.


  1. Oh Ellie!!!! Oh you lucky star trekker you!! Oh wow!!! What a fabulous fabulous trip!! And to top it all Simon Pegg!!! Yowza!!!

    Yay!! Take care

  2. Sounds like a great time! I used to love the Science Museum, though it was unrecognizable when I revisited it many years after my first visit. I think they revamped the interior in between.

    1. I hadn't been there in over ten years, so it was dramatically different to last time I visited. You should go!

  3. Wow! What a dream vacation.

  4. Simon Pegg is the bomb ;)

  5. Oh, very cool indeed. Love the Science Museum utterly.

  6. London ... *sighs* Oh, how I'd love to go there! So cool for you. I saw your pic on ... I think it was FB. Awesome! Frame that sucker. ;)

  7. Good luck with your word count. Sounds like you had a super experience.

  8. Somehow I knew about Simon Pegg, maybe something to do with a few dozen facebook posts. Sounds as if you had a great time.

  9. What are my plans for June?! After you just showed off all that stuff? I plan on reading and writing. That's about it.

    1. That's all my plans are for June. Can't have that level of awesomeness every month!

  10. Absolutely awesome! I adore Simon Pegg. Good luck with your word count!


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