Monday, 18 August 2014

There Be News

It's Monday. At least in the UK it is. It's probably late evening in Australia. I get all confused when it comes to time zones. Anyway, I digress. Make yourself a cuppa and pull a chair. Read from the comfort of your bed, if you're lucky enough to still be in it. It's time for another news round up post.

Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting another blogfest. I don't do blogfests often, but I always make an exception for Alex. His blogfests are too much fun to pass up.

Pop by Alex's blog to find out more and to sign up.

PK Hrezo has an awesome trailer for Book 2 in her Butterman Time Travel Series, Induction Day.

Here's a brief snippet from Induction Day:

I'm dizzy--faint with wonder from the energy and fashion and decor. I must be dreaming. So much so, that the image of Captain Edward John Smith appears before me.

I blink, then again. I must keep moving about the room.

But it really is him, seated at a dinner table, and he's more debonair than I ever expected. I know so much about this man. My scalp is tingling.

As if caught in a tractor beam, I drift his way, slowly at first, then faster, with purpose. Captain Smith is so close, I can make out the shiny brass buttons on his navy blue suit. His hat is off, his snowy white hair and beard are trimmed to perfection. For a split second, his blue eyes meet mine and adrenaline pumps through me. I could almost swear there's a recognition there. But I know it's only on my part, from knowing so much about him. Still, he studies me with confusion for a few seconds, long enough to fill my chest with hope that next time he will listen to me.

Have you read Book 1, Butterman (Time) Travel Inc. yet? You should. Find PK here.

My writer's group Untethered Realms now has a newsletter. Sign up for updates on publications, giveaways, and upcoming events. There are exciting things happening in the Realm. Several members have upcoming book releases, including M. Pax's The Rifters.

What are The Rifters? I hear you ask. To find out more, and enter a writing competition, click here.

Finally, a writing update. So far, my writing plan is working. I've been making great progress with this month's project - a YA science fiction series. Having worked out a writing schedule in advance seems to have taken away all the worry and procrastination. Long may it last. 

So, how are things with you? Any news you'd like to share?


  1. Thanks for mentioning my blogfest! I'm glad you find them fun. I wouldn't do them otherwise.
    PK's trailer is so awesome.
    And need to make sure I have signed up for the newsletter.

    1. You're welcome, Alex. Happy to give it a shout-out.

  2. Lots of fab news, thank you!! Yay for your writing plan going to erm.. plan! LOL!! All the best with your schedule and glad it's taken the dreaded "p" word away! Double Yay! And yes, it is totally Monday! :-)

    Take care

    1. Aw. Thanks, Old Kitty. I can always rely on your cheerfulness to beat the Monday blues.

  3. PK's trailer is awesome and I love M.Pax's cover, congrats to both. It always amazing me when writers can multitask between books. I tried and, also have a series planned out, that boggles my brain. Good Luck and much success with your writing schedule!

    1. M. Pax's covers are amazing. Thanks for the positive vibes for my writing schedule!

  4. Hi Ellie .. lots going on - so pleased the writing plan is coming together. I joined the newsletter and have checked the Butterman Time Travel video snippet ... and I love Mary's 'Rifters' ..

    Cheers and enjoy the Bank Holiday! Hilary

  5. I'm sold on making book trailers. This one for Induction Day is excellent.

  6. Great the plan is working - a schedule seems like a great idea.

  7. It's great when a plan comes together! Mine however has stalled.

  8. Congrats on your writing going well, and thanks for the reading recs.


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