Monday, 10 November 2014

The 2014 Realms Faire Begins. Huzzah!

Let the fun, games, and prizes commence. Today is the start of M. Pax's annual Realms Faire. Huzzah!


Twitter hashtag - #grogz

2014 Events:


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The Joust, hosted by M. Pax

Cheer up to 3x daily for the knights. Win prizes daily.


Soak-a-bloke and Drench-a-wench, hosted by Christine Rains

The rules of this event are simple:
1. The dunkee is chosen by committee.
2. I post a link to the dunkee's blog and you click on it.
3. You leave a comment, soaking the person in blog love.
4. You're entered into a drawing for a chance to win ...

Stockade Brigade, hosted by Mary Waibel
Who is on trial for wizardry this year?

Dueling Bards, hosted by Cass Web
Wordsmiths battle it out in this fun and interactive game. Prizes awarded daily.

Riddle Me This, hosted by Cherie Reich

Description: Come one, come all! Guess the creature and win. Is it a dragon? A phoenix? Read the riddle and decide what creature I'm talking about. Every correct guess posted in the comments section of Cherie Reich's blog each day during Realms Faire will enter you in for a chance to win a prize pack.

Phasers, hosted by Untethered Realms

A simple word game on Untethered Realms. Ie, if the posted word of the day is Phasers, you might type in 'stun' in the comments. The next commenter then goes off 'stun', perhaps by typing 'gun', and so on. Prizes daily.

Dragon Hunt, hosted by L. Diane Wolfe

Thread is falling on Pern and we need dragonriders! Find the hidden dragon on each of the participating sites.

Wisdom of the Creative Realms, hosted by Nicki Elson

Our 2013 Joust champion, Lady Elson, seeks wisdom from the creative realms to deepen the thoughts at her Not-so-deep Thoughts blog. Throughout the Faire, she asks subjects to share bit of wisdom they’ve gleaned from the creative arts. Each day features a different media---books, movies, music & Jester’s Choice. Beauteous prizes to be had.

Thank you to the event sponsors and hosts!


  1. Huzzah!
    Now, go cheer for the Ninja Knight. There will be bribes...

    1. I have started late, but I will not let you down Sir Ninja Knight!

  2. This is an amazingly huge undertaking.

    1. It is, Susan. Mary puts a lot of work into this annual event. I don't envy her!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Michelle. I hope you take part in a few.

  4. Wow! So much awesome in one post! Love all this!!! <3

  5. Huzzah! The grog is flowing and those lances are much too sharp.

  6. Three cheers for Realms Faire! It's so much fun. And the prize packs this year. Wow. They're awesome!

  7. So many games! So many prizes :)
    I wish Rafflecopter acknowledged my existence. Sigh.

    1. Oh, no. I wonder why it's not working for you?


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