Monday, 4 May 2015

May the 4th Be With You

Although it's an unofficial holiday, May 4th has become a day when fans all over the world celebrate a franchise I've loved for the better part of my life - Star Wars.

I was too young to see the original films at the cinema, so I can't under-sell how much I'm looking forward to seeing The Force Awakens later this year. For me, this is true Star Wars. I'm not the only person in my group of friends who feels this way, and will probably be acting like a kid in a candy store this December.

If you haven't seen the latest teaser, here it is. Enjoy, and may the 4th be with you.


  1. I can't tell you how many times I saw Star Wars in the theater. I was a teenager and it was something like we'd never seen before.

  2. I was fortunate to see all of them in the theater when they were released. (Or rather, unfortunate to see the last three.) Really looking forward to the next one.

  3. How to make an old guy feel old, Ellie! I saw the original at the cinema. What a buzz there was around this new cinematic experience back then. The industrial, worked-in feel is old hat now, but in the 70s it was a revelation, with Star Wars and Alien coming so close together.

  4. I am ancient enough to have seen the first release. It was that movie, as much as anything that brought SF into the mainstream. Until then SF was considered an immature and often despised form of reading / movie making. This was reinforced by the horrendous ‘B’ movies that were churned out up until Star Wars. There were a few exceptions, like The day The Earth Stood Still and 2001, but they did not make any difference until Star Wars took the box office by storm. After that movie backers started to throw money at SF themes and it became respectable.


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