Monday, 7 March 2016

Write Club 2016 - Let the Battles Begin!

After months of preparation, writing, and 12 slush pile judges (myself included) voting for their favourite 30 submissions, WRiTE CLUB 2016 finally begins.

Over the next three weeks WRiTE CLUB founder DL Hammons will host 15 writing bouts (M-F) between anonymous writers, known only by their pen name and the piece of writing they submitted. The writing can be from any genre and for any age group. And the best part? YOU can help decide who wins. All you have to do is read and then vote for the piece of writing that you judge the worthy winner of their daily bouts. After the 15 preliminary bouts, the winners will then progress to the next stage of the competition and onward until only two writers and a final fight remains.

Can you feel the sweat and tension? Waiting to see if any of my chosen 30 made it through to the daily bouts seems unbearable right now. Somebody mop my brow.

So, go vote


Go on. 

You're still here? Phew. I forgot to mention the most important rule - you MUST talk about WRiTECLUB. Tweet, Facebook, blog - help the get the word out on the streets.


  1. I just voted! Had to wait until I had time to read both entries.

  2. I'm talking about it! Tweeted! :)

  3. Thank you for everything you've done for the contest this year Ellie! We are off to a roaring start!! :)

  4. Not abel to do Write Club this time around, but I am rooting for you!


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