Thursday, 27 October 2016

Christine Rains's Dark Dawning

My long-term blog followers and friends will already know how much I enjoy sharing new book releases, especially those of friends. It's one of my favourite blogging activities. This week I'm thrilled to highlight book one in Christine Rains's suburban fantasy series, Totem. If you haven't heard of her thrilling new series, read on.

It’s a dark day when someone murders one of their own.

Shifters across Alaska are going missing. When up and coming interior designer Ametta Dorn rescues the gorgeous Kodiak shifter Lucky Osberg, she comes into the crosshairs of two relentless hunters. While Lucky sets his sights on wooing her, the killers seek to not only capture her in her powerful polar bear form but to also take her skin.

To prevent her murder and the deaths of other shifters, she must work with Lucky to track down and stop these merciless hunters. After all, their enemy’s plan for shifter skins is something much more terrifying than collecting mere trophies.

Wow. Did book one's blurb have you reaching for your ebook reader? Me too, Here's where to find Dark Dawning:

Congratulations, Christine! That's it for this week. I'll be back on Halloween. Evil cackle.


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