Monday, 29 May 2017

Bookstagram & Book Goodies

I've finally signed joined Instagram. I'd been reluctant to do so, because it meant another form of social media to maintain. What I've discovered is that like Twitter, it's incredibly quick and easy to use. As I've decided to keep the focus on my love of books, I don't have to think too long or hard about content. I get to share the books and book-related goodies I find and peer enviously at the memorabilia other bookstagrammers own. I can see my wishlist growing.

Empress of a Thousand Skies was my March book box read. 
The picture I took below has proved to be my most popular 
bookstagram so far.

I was really tempted to buy this Christine car model. If it hadn't 
involved putting it together myself, I would have bought it. But 
at £29.99, I didn't want to waste the money (I'm that hopeless 
with kits).

Whilst I was putting this post together, I released just how many book-related items I have. Not a good thing when I'm already struggling to find space for all my books. The trials of an avid reader! There is a solution coming. Mr PS is building a massive floor to ceiling bookcase and a summer house that has two rooms. One of those will become my writing room, along with lots of shelving for books. I can't wait to fill them both up.

Are you on Instagram? Do you have a lot of book memorabilia? Have you built anything from a model kit and it went well?


  1. Hi Ellie - sounds like your life is coming to a complete round - lovely to read about ... and I bet you're looking forward to that summer house being built - just enjoy filling the shelves - cheers Hilary

  2. I could fill a whole wall of bookshelves.

    You have some fun stuff. I'm on Pinterest but not Instagram.

  3. I took a while to get on Instagram as well, but it's mostly pictures of my cat.

  4. I'm not on Instagram, but it's good to know it's easy! I had a bunch of book stuff before I moved across the country.

  5. Christine was one crazy muscle car.

    Lately, I've been staying off social media. FB acct is used to talk with my daughter, see my gr-sons.

  6. I'm getting hyped into the whole Twitter buzz thing too. Great place for spreading the word and hanging out. Fascinating place really.


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