Wednesday, 26 March 2014

An Interview With West of Paradise Author Marcy Hatch

I'm thrilled to have interviewed another long-term blogging friend and awesome writer, Marcy Hatch, for this week's Speculative Fiction Writer post. You probably know her by her blogging name, mainewords.

Hi Marcy. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit. Please follow me down to the seafront, where we can get ice creams and watch the waves. Don't forget your coat, though. It's still a little chilly. Here we go:

Q: What's your favourite day of the week, and why?

Mmm, yummy ice cream! Thanks! I like Saturday best because I can sleep in if I want and stay up late.

Q: If I visited you in Maine, where would you take me?

I would take you down to Pemaquid Point, which has a spectacular view, crashing surf, and an old lighthouse – very picturesque. Then we’d have to go over to Round Pond and the Anchor Inn for supper on the porch. It has a gorgeous view of the little harbour and the very best Baily’s Irish Cream Cheesecake ever. 

Q: Whenever I think of Maine, I think of Stephen King. Are you a fan?

I love Stephen King. I don’t necessarily like all his books but there are a few I like to read again (not many authors get that honor). Insomnia comes to mind, and The Stand, plus The Talisman with Peter Straub; I LOVE that book.

Q:  I see you're taking part in this year's A to Z blogging challenge. What's your theme?

My overall theme is 1881, the year my recently released book, West of Paradise, takes place. But there will also be a bit about some of my characters on the appropriate day.

Q: You've just published your first book. Can you tell us a little about it?

It’s a historical time-travel romance – Tombstone meets Romancing the Stone with a little Back to the Future mixed in.

Q: Would you like to share an extract?

Love to. This is the scene when Jack and Katherine first meet. He thinks she’s Alanna McLeod, a deadly but beautiful train robber who almost killed him…

“Who are you anyway? What do you mean by bursting into my room?”
“Jack McCabe, bounty hunter. Ring any bells?”
“What are you talking about?” She gave him the look she gave to people who had nothing she wanted to hear.
“Never mind,” he said. “I don’t have time to waste words with you. You and I are going on a little trip and then I’m going to collect my reward for bringing you in.”
“Then I suggest you think twice,” Katherine said, her gaze narrowing. “I’m not going anywhere with you. I don’t know who you think I am, but I can tell you right now there is no reward being offered for me. For Heaven’s sake, I just got into town!”
“Oh, really?” He drew out an old poster from his pocket, unfolding it before he threw it at her.
Katherine caught it and gave a little cry of dismay, seeing a face that looked exactly like hers.

Q: If you could go back in time to any era, which would it be?

The Regency – as long as I was a younger daughter of someone fabulously wealthy. Interesting times, not too much pressure to marry, gorgeous clothes.

Q: West of Paradise is published with WiDo publishing. How have you found the experience of working with a small press publisher?

Easy. I had a great editor and she made so many helpful suggestions and comments. I can’t say enough about her – thank you Amy McCracken!

Q: What is the number one piece of advice you'd give to someone considering submitting to WiDo or another small press?

It’s the same advice I’d give to anyone considering submitting anywhere.  Make sure you’ve revised your work and gotten lots of feedback from multiple critique partners. And practice – a lot!

Thank you Ellie for having me here today. It was fun :)

West of Paradise blurb

Katherine Kennedy has it all; she’s beautiful, she’s wealthy, and she’s engaged to the perfect man: Antonio D'Salvatore. There’s just one problem. She can’t marry him. Worse yet, she has no idea why. All she knows is there is suddenly nothing she wants, not Antonio, or any of the other hundred thousand things money can buy.

Jack McCabe comes home from the war with a pretty medal and a lot of ugly pictures in his head. He has little in the way of possessions, less in the way of wealth, nowhere to go and no one to go anywhere with. All he has is a vague sense of discontent, a restlessness that will not abate.

Separately, they are drawn to Paradise Tours on the privately owned Cristobel Island. There they meet Louis Cade, a man who offers them the unimaginable, something neither can quite believe until they actually find themselves over 125 years in the past, 1881 to be exact.

For Jack McCabe it’s the adventure he always dreamed of – until he meets a beautiful but deadly train robber. Katherine can't believe an ignorant bounty hunter has mistaken her for a criminal – until she sees the picture, which looks exactly like her.

You can find out more about West of Paradise and Marcy here.

Thank you, Marcy. I really want to visit you in Maine. It sounds like heaven. I loved the excerpt. I'm a big fan of time travel and westerns, so I know I'll enjoy West of Paradise.

That's it for this week. I'll be back on April 1st, when this year's A to Z blogging challenge starts. I'll be participating via my writing group, Untethered Realms. I can't wait to begin.


  1. Quite the mix of movies you listed!
    Heard only good things about WiDo and of course the owner rocks. (Karen is awesome.)
    Congratulations again, Marcy!

  2. Great to see you all over the place. This is exciting stuff.

  3. hey, where is Marcy's pic with the interview? :)

    1. Now now, Dez, we don't need to subject anyone to any unpleasantness, do we? LOl. Kidding, sort of. But my pic is on the back cover - inside - just not a professional one.

  4. Great interview, Marcy and Ellie - thanks! "Baily’s Irish Cream Cheesecake"??? YUM! I'm coming to visit!

    1. It is totally yummy - probably my favorite dessert.

  5. I love that pitch: Tombstone meets Romancing the Stone meets Back to the future. Three fantastic movies!!!

  6. Marcy's theme should be interesting. I love historical fiction. She also likes my two favorite King novels.

  7. Awesome interview, guys! I've always wanted to visit Maine. They say the Fall is the best time, or am I getting the wrong information? :)

    1. I prefer summer but September can be exceptionally nice, which is technically, still summer - mostly :)

      But, October is the Great Pumpkinfest and THAT is an event!

  8. I've done some research on the 1880's latley, Marcy for my new book. Yours sounds uber fun. I have to read it. :D

    1. It was an interesting time but very violent!

  9. Great excerpt! This story sounds fantastic and I'm anxious to read it - love time travel stories.
    And Pemaquid Point sounds like heaven. I'd love to visit Maine someday. Wonderful interview, ladies. :)

    1. Maine is a beautiful place and Pemaquid Point quite spectacular.

  10. It's nice to get to know more about you, Marcie. Great interview, you two!

    Hugs and chocolate!

  11. It's been a while since I've been to Maine. You make me realize it's been too long!

    1. Let me know if you ever get up this way; I'd love to show you around my neck of the woods!

  12. This book premise sounds really fun! I love Maine and Stephen King is someone I look up to. I heard him read once, and I lOVED Dr. Sleep. I also like small publishers. I have a project with one now, and sometimes it's noce to be a big fish in a smallish pond.

    1. I haven't read Dr. Sleep yet but I want to.


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